Tianjin Aurora UAV Technology Co., Ltd Introduction

Founded in early 2009, Tianjin Aurora UAV Technology Co., Ltd is a high-end enterprise engaged in developing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It possesses an elite team composed of prominent intellectuals. Appropriate combination of theory and practice and advanced technology are regarded as the powerful pillars of the new company. Consistent efforts and virtuous talents are favorable elements of future development among intense competition.

The company is located in Tianjin Airport Logistics Processing Zone, Dongli District which features the development of advanced manufacturing industry such as aviation, electronic information and precision machinery. The company has unique geographical advantages by adjoining Airbus A320 assembly plant in Tianjin, national helicopter R&D(Research and Development)base as well as several national UAV Institutes. This contributes to many potential cooperation opportunities and a fast growing business platform. 
The manager, Mr. Zhao shuguang, has awarded the National Champion of RC (Remote and Control) Helicopters many times. He is now one of the Master Sportsmen and a national certificated coach of RC helicopters. Surely he has rich knowledge in RC helicopters and much experience in the application of aero model. After retirement, he has been committed to expanding the functions of RC Helicopter for civilian use. He went to Europe for advanced study of aerial photography by high-end helicopters in 2000 and then took charge of aerial photography for several television stations in China including CCTV.  In early 2001, he established a RC Helicopter club named Tianjin Aurora Model Club which has the top technical strength and the largest scale in China.
As Mr. Zhao is an expert on RC Helicopters, over years, many domestic enterprises of UAV have successively invited him to participate in relative research subjects,  which enables him to accumulate rich experience in this field and paves the way for the successful foundation of  Tianjin  Aurora  UAV  Technology  Co., Ltd.
Based on high-end technology and innovative UAV skill, the company, with passion, harmony and enterprise as principle, persists in the “Cooperation with universities, innovation, Consideration focused on long-project, Supporting development, Leading to the future" to be the Science and Technology developing policies. And it also puts the long-term strategic development of business into the first. With the cooperation of Tianjin University, the company sets up a training base for unmanned aerial vehicles, a  unmanned aerial vehicle research and development projects center. Acquiring more Dr., experts and professors who have the rich experience in the Aerospace field and the Electronic information industry, it works for the research and development of intelligent UAV. Aurora UAV. is confident to provide high-tech UAV for society and technical supports for research and innovation in this field ahead of its time.
With keen ambitions and determinations, the company pursues stable development both creatively and realistically, striving for industrialization of  UAV! 

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